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About C2G2

C2G2 Productions is a professional film and multimedia production company featuring the creative talents of Cathryn Castle (Garcia) and Gui Garcia. We have a passion for water and words and wild places. We showcase this in our films, storytelling, photography and travel adventures.

Gui is a licensed captain with decades of experience navigating luxury yachts all over the world. An experienced scuba instructor, Gui’s knowledge of the sea and his comfort in the water make it easy for him record stunning underwater imagery while working with unpredictable marine life subjects. He is equipped with the RED Weapon, offering stunning 8k resolution. Gui is often asked how to pronounce his name—it rhymes with “sea”— short for Guilherme.

Cathryn also has a maritime background. Formerly a licensed boat captain and medic, she serves as a crewmember and scuba instructor alongside Gui on yacht voyages. A highly regarded writer, editor and publisher, Cathryn serves as Executive Editor of Dive Training magazine, a job she’s held for 20+ years. She also edits Dive Center Business and California Diving News magazines. Cathryn is also a book publisher with an impressive list of published authors. She is an inductee into the Women Divers Hall of Fame.

At C2G2 Productions, we bring a sense of calm and ease—and fun—to our filming, photography and publishing projects. It doesn’t matter if we’re filming giant manta rays on a reef or little green ants on a tree branch. Our sense of wonder—and our commitment to getting the shot and the story—is the same. Our motto is, “Make it fun. Let it be easy.”

We believe in treading lightly on this earth, and strive to leave a place better than we found it. A portion of our production income is dedicated to protecting threatened marine species, preserving indigenous cultures and providing medical care and clean drinking water for all.

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